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Web development.

Your website is an essential communication tool to make you stand out from the competition and to make yourself known.

Together we define each step of its creation so that it meets the expectations of your customers and allows you to reinforce your image and your visibility on the Internet.

The website will be designed by a team of experts.Together we define each step of its creation so that it meets your customers’ expectations and allows you to reinforce your image and visibility on the Internet.

We use the latest technologies (HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, Symfony, JS, React JS, React Native, Vue JS, Next JS, WordPress…) to develop websites that aim to increase user engagement.

Website development process

We customize all aspects of your site to meet your needs and create a seamless user experience for its visitors.

We work with you throughout the website development process to ensure your website lives up to your expectations.

We design your website by optimising its structure to improve search engine performance and create a positive user experience.

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Custom website development.

Creating a bespoke website will help you stand out from your competitors and attract new customers. Your website should perform well while reflecting your identity.

We will help you to achieve your goals and needs.By targeting your objectives and needs as much as possible, we help you to create/complete your specifications in order to facilitate the design of your website. You will then have a better idea of the type of website you need to move towards.

We will help you to develop your website.We will help you choose your domain name according to your field of activity. This is an important point for natural SEO.

We help you choose your domain name according to your field of activity.All our websites are developed in responsive Webdesign. Their content adapts optimally to all screens.

We develop websites that are easy to navigate and easy to use.We develop specific modules in order to enrol your site visitors in your company’s sales cycle.

WordPress website development.

Balloo Web Agency provides WordPress development services to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

We have the experience and expertise of experienced web developers in creating complex and customised WordPress websites.

Despite ever more complete CMS, your website still requires specific functionalities, services or administration tools.

We also provide plugin development, theme customisation, database migration, website load time optimisation, and support and maintenance services.

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Website redesign.

As the web is constantly evolving, your website must adapt to the changes to adjust to the uses and needs of Internet users.

The objective of a website redesign is to optimise its performance, increase its visibility and generate more traffic to your website.

The website redesign allows you to bring an update on the graphic aspect. This ensures you a better positioning in search results by meeting the requirements of Google’s ranking algorithms.

It intervenes both on the appearance of the site with a new webdesign and on its structure. This task implies an in-depth change of your website which can be confusing. That’s why we help you with the redesign and migration of your website.

Theme development.

We develop custom themes with features specific to your project, allowing you to have a uniquely designed site that looks like you.

Our working method allows us to optimize the weight of the pages so that the site is not only beautiful, but also for a fast display.

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