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Telemarketing & sales support.

Balloo Web Agency also offers a Telemarketing and Sales Support service. We help companies of all sizes with tasks such as prospecting, appointment setting, sales, customer retention and front office outsourcing by providing dedicated and well-trained professional resources.

We foster an excellent relationship between your company and your customers.
A company’s good reputation takes years to develop, but can fall apart very quickly!

With our team of telemarketers, you can ensure that your services get the message you want. Maintaining a strong corporate image when calling potential customers will create a lasting first impression and convert more sales.

Telephone marketing, like e-mail and other contact methods, allows you to continue the relationship initiated on the web, and to take your sales process to the final goal: conversion (sale, registration, subscription…)!

Our support enables you to develop and improve your knowledge of your customers, to increase their loyalty but also to take care of your customer relations thanks to the human touch:

Management of your customer relations (click-to-call, e-mail, live chat, content moderation, etc.)

Telephone follow-up of web-generated leads

Making appointments with clients and prospects

Qualification of customer and prospect files

Hotline – assistance