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WordPress website creation

WordPress website creation


Eva Automotive


Description of the project.

Eva Automotive is a company located in Dubai (sales of spare parts and sales of new vehicles for the export market).

The site contains all the spare parts for new vehicles of Eva Automotive with detailed descriptions and high quality photos.

Our developers have improved all the elements that allow visitors to use the site’s services in the most fluid way possible. As a result, we have created a website that helps our client achieve its marketing goals.

Our web marketing team optimised the content for SEO so that the site would rank on the keywords defined with the client.

  • Graphic design.
  • Research and creation of digital content.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Translation of the site into Arabic and English.
  • Creation of banners and sliders.
  • Creation of selective forms.
  • Natural referencing (SEO).
  • Digital marketing management: creation of the Instagram account + visuals for social networks.
  • Back-office: product management: spare parts and vehicles.
  • Long term service on the site: update banners, products…


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